Journal of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Disorders


ISSN: 2572-519X

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Articles in Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Article Open Access Pages: 1 - 8 West Africa

Psychosocial Risks Among Female Military Personal in Burkina Faso

The presence of female personnel in the army of Burkina Faso is a recent phenomenon. The first military women have joined the army from 2007 onwards. This integration into this previously male environment exposes women to specific psychological difficulties. The objec...Read More

Commentary Open Access Pages: 9 - 11 United States

The Opioid Epidemic: Impact on Children and Families

Review Article Open Access Pages: 12 - 22 Switzerland

Secondary Suicide Prevention as Neuro-Rehabilitation

Neuro-rehabilitation and suicide prevention used to be linked together mostly as preventing suicidality in neuro-rehabilitation patients after, e.g., brain injury. However, we propose that the recent changes in neuro-rehabilitation, on the one hand, and in the suicide...Read More

Research Article Open Access Pages: 23 - 28 Guinea

Psychosocial and Health Impact on the Healed People of Ebola in the City of Forecariah

Introduction: Ebola virus disease is one of the most serious viral diseases known to man. It belongs to the filovirus family, with a case-fatality rate of 25% to 90%. The aim of this study was to evaluate the psychosocial and health impact of Ebola virus disease on pe...Read More

Review Article Open Access Pages: 29 - 40 Mexico

Cortisol Awakening Response: An Ancient Adaptive Feature

Similar to other endocrine substances, cortisol secretion follows a pulsating rhythm. The cortisol awakening response (CAR) occurs upon awakening in the absence of any apparent stressful situation or imminent danger, which is a very intriguing feature. When confrontin...Read More

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