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Molecular Biology and Neuroscience
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Research Article Open Access Pages: 167 - 178 Japan

Effect of Cognitive Training by Music Therapy

Kazue Sawami, Tetsuro Kitamura, Chizuko Suishu

Purpose: Targeting elderly people who live in local areas, by intervening the mixture of music therapy and recognition training, we will clarify if there is a significant difference among before the intervention, and non-intervened term, and after the intervention.

doi: 10.26502/jppd.2572-519X0053
Mini Review Open Access Pages: 179 - 182 Russian Federation

Participation of Src-kinase in Age Changes of the Brain Central Zone

Yavisheva Tatiana, Shcherbakov Sergey

In germinal loci of a brain, as well as in tissues of peripheral organs there are morphofunctional zones in which a proliferation and differentiation of cambial cells occur. The hypothalamus with hypophysiotropic region represents the central zone. One of the key prot...Read More

doi: 10.26502/jppd.2572-519X0054
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